Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – How Do You Develop Outstanding Umpires: Tune in and Make the Call!

It is a huge mistake to downplay the importance of the role, responsibility, skills and character of an umpire. In fact, the truly great ones often elevate baseball to higher levels through the exercise of superior judgment, feel for the game, impeccable integrity & remaining laser focused under pressure. This show details the 7 core principles that for becoming an outstanding umpire including ways to teach those principles with guest. Dick Runchey. Dick is Executive Director-Amateur Umpires Baseball Association (AUBA), Amateur Baseball Umpires Association, NCAA Regional Advisor Umpire Improvement Program and former Director of Umpires International Baseball Federation. Dick, who epitomizes greatness in umpiring, is perhaps the most respected amateur umpires world-wide. Earlier this month he was selected into the College Baseball Hall of Fame-the 1st umpire so chosen. Dick’s umpiring experience includes: minor leagues, over 20 seasons in college ball, 19 NCAA DI regional tournaments, College World Series five times with 4 championship games behind the plate. Dick, who has received numerous awards and has selected, taught and evaluated countless umpires.