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Eat, Exercise, Live – Fast Food – It’s Killing Us Fast!

Perhaps the most relevant study I have ever read – you have heard me refer to this study many times on many shows – the lead researcher on the Yale Rudd Center for Food Policy & Obesity “Evaluating Fast Food Nutrition & Marketing To Youth” – Dr. Jennifer Harris will be with us. Fact: Eating fast food endangers our health – especially our children. Please be aware of the almost hypnotic powers of the advertising our children are being bombarded with daily – and how it effects family food choices. In order to lower our appalling rates of childhood obesity & diabetes, we must seriously curb the consumption of fast foods. 84% of American children consume fast food once/week. One third of American Children eat fast food daily. In 2009, the fast food industry spent 4.2 billion dollars on marketing. What is it costing us in lives? Arlene Moshe from Slimband - gastric banding procedure – will be sharing with us the life changing effects of weight loss surgery and the success of their “Bandsters” – those who have had the procedure. Hair Club - proud sponsor of Eat Exercise Live – Chris Terkalas, himself, is offering his own toll free number 1-800-463-6412 – we have heard from Chris many times – and he wants to help you feel comfortable contacting Hair Club & ask any questions, allaying any concerns you may have! Call Chris!