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The RyeBread Radio Show – ‘Singing In The Abbey’ band Perform Live in-studio

Annie Higgins (piano/lead vocals), Donna Miller (cello), and Katie Cooper (violin/vocals) of Singing In The Abbey join us in the RyeBread Radio studio for another one of our Jam Sessions! We chat about how the girls got together, their inspiration for their musical genius, and have them perform a few NEW SONGS off their yet-to-be-released EP. Of course, you can purchase Singing In The Abbey’s current album, “Wake Up, Sardis!” by going to their website. Definitely WORTH the buy! And check ‘em out on Facebook! Drummer of Singing In The Abbey, Jason Toth, gets an honorable mention for stopping by towards the end of the session. This is one band that fully utilizes the RyeBread Radio studio space and brings some much-need class to our broadcast! Also, the RyeBread Radio Show gets a write-up in TimeOut Chicago Magazine! Looks like we made it…well, sort of. Just go out and get a copy, already!