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Live To 100

Dr. Thienna Ho

Live To 100 – Exciting News on Human Reverse Aging Breakthrough!

Discover how you can reverse aging on this must-listen to episode, LIVE TO 100 with Dr. Thienna and world’s renowned anti-aging expert, Dr. Michael Fossel. Dr. Michael Fossel is a clinical physician and neurobiologist, specializing in human aging research. Dr. Fossel authored “Reversing Human Aging” and “Cells Aging and Human Disease.” His latest book is, “Immortality Edge”, co-authored by Greta Blackburn and David Woynarowski. Learn the results of the first ever-human anti-aging clinical trial of a telomerase activator. Will we be able to get back our lost youth? Get the latest news and tips from one of the world’s greatest anti-aging minds on this show!