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Planning with Dollars and Sense

Planning with Dollars and Sense – Financial Planning: Yes, You Should Have a Plan!

Join my discussion today with special guest, Michael Merdinger, lead advisor with Financial Strategy Network, LLC located in Chicago. Our discussion centers on the holistic approach to Financial Planning.
What are the pieces of your financial puzzle and how do the effect the other pieces in your financial puzzle? When will I be able to retire? Will I outlive my money? How much money do I need? We discuss the need for Life, Disability, and Long Term Care insurance and how the financial planning process will calculate your actual amount of need. We discuss the long term impacts of rising health care costs and why Long Term Care insurance is really asset protection insurance. I invite all the listeners wherever they are to visit my firm’s website and create your Personal Financial Index. You may enter your financial information anonymously and free of charge. You may also request help from a member of The WealthCare Center team to help you build your financial roadmap.