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Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World

Murray W. Nabors Ph.D.

Achieving Your Dreams in a Crazy World – Preparing for the Unexpected in Our Crazy World

How would you cope with serious injuries in an automobile accident, an earthquake and subsequent radiation surge, rapidly increasing food and fuel prices, or any other kind of expected or unexpected emergency or change from the usual? The sad fact is that most people seem determined to be unprepared, believing that “it will never happen to me.” My guest today is Dennis Evers, a former police officer, and author of a dynamite book called How to Handle a Crisis as well as a popular web article entitled “Five Things Every American Should Do But Won’t.” Join us for a crash course on surviving and being prepared. For more information on solving problems and outsmarting fate check out The Magical Dozen. How to Control Your Destiny and Create the Life You Want–In Good Times and Bad.