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The Happy Hour Effect

The Happy Hour Effect – Change the Channel, Change Your Life: TV for Stress-Relief

Television can be a release at the end of a long day, an outlet to balance us out or a destructive stream of imagery that sucks our productivity and changes our outlook. But we have a choice in how we view television. Dr. Nancy Mramor is an award-winning author, trainer and psychologist who specializes in health and education issues with a focus on body, mind and spirit. She will teach us to follow our gut so we make better choices for ourselves and our children in what we choose to watch on TV. And she will share her recommendations for what we SHOULD be watching to improve our stress levels and overall well-being. You can learn more about Dr. Nancy, her book, Spiritual Fitness, and her other resources at In this episode, I will also discuss the Stresslebrity of the Week, share a fun, name-that-TV-tune Song of the Week and give away prizes too, so listen now!