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A Lasting Love

Hadley Finch

A Lasting Love – How To End Heartbreak And Bounce Back After Devastating Losses In Life And Love

The heartache of a romance or marriage falling apart can feel like a tidal wave of pain that slams you to your knees, limits your performance at work and steals your joy in parenting or living. Grieving a devastating loss can harm your health and even shorten your life. We’ve got good news for involuntary singles who’ve been dumped, for employees who’ve been downsized out of a job, and for anyone who wants to end heartbreak and bounce back quickly from the toughest setbacks. Today, you’ll get your breakup recovery without breaking down and leap over obstacles to greater love and success when you take powerful steps suggested by two break up survivors–Hadley Finch and guest, Donna Marie Thompson, Ph.D. Dr. Thompson wrote the best-selling book, Bouncing Back From Loss: How To Learn From Your Past, Build The Present and Transform Your Future. You’ll also find out what break up survivors, Sandra Bullock and Elin Woods, have been doing right since their high-profile breakups…and Jennifer Aniston has been overlooking. So if you want to make a magical recovery from any loss and make your life better than ever, you’ll get the success tools to bounce back and start fresh today.

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