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Eat, Exercise, Live – Food Addictions

A goal of Eat Exercise Live is to help us understand both internal and external factors that impact our lifestyle decisions – which is the all prevailing creator of our obesity & chronic illness epidemics. Our food choices & eating behaviors are not random at all….there is a complex interaction of physiology and external stimuli bombarding us without us being aware. Thanks to another great study by Yale University, our guest Ashley Gearhardt has scientifically supported food addictions to what are called “hyperpalatable foods” – high sugar, salt, saturated fat foods – are very real, just as drugs & smoking. By feeding these physiologically addictive foods to ourselves & our children – we are creating addictions that will destroy our health if not controlled. Combined with the manipulative marketing of these foods, our physical inactivity epidemic – we have the perfect recipe for obesity all the chronic illnesses that follow. Mike Nassar Regional Vice President of the Hair Club - proud sponsor of Eat Exercise Live joins us on the Hair Club’s support of living a healthy lifestyle. Give them a call at 1-800-463-6412 to see how they can help change your life. Dr. Lerner of Milestones Program, a residential program for eating disorders will be helping us understand why diets just don’t work, and behavior & lifestyle intervention is critical for long term fat loss for your health. His warmth, humor & brilliance help us clearly understand why food addictions & compulsive eating (& other eating disorders) will sabotage & frustrate our “get fit” efforts if not addressed.