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Ripley Radio – A Naked Bookseller, and a Retired Dwarf Named Poobah

Pete Terhune, an 81-year old sideshow performer, also known as Poobah the dwarf, is now retired, and his former boss of more than 50 years, sideshow impresario Ward Hall tells us what a great friend Pete has been to him through the years and what a great performer he was. Chris Epting stumbled upon a bookstore in Arizona and tells us how surprised he was when he saw that the proprietor was naked! Daniel Pineda, author of “The Book of Secrets, talks about the secret societies and global symbolism in the world today, Brittany Neigh tells us about how she and her husband are celebrating (and blogging about) a special “unofficial” day every day in 2011, Edward talks about the Voodoo dolls in the Ripley collection and Tim challenges the group on their knowledge of Thomas Edison in this week’s Spot the Not! quiz.