Championship Thinking in Sports

Jim Meier

Championship Thinking in Sports – I Still Hear the Echoes…More Lessons from the 2011 Masters

Nearly a month after the Masters professionals and amateurs still love talking about this year’s Masters; me too. This is especially true when the chat zeros in on the 15th Club-lessons from the mental game. Show guest James Kinney picks up where the April 18 show left off. James is a Class A PGA and three time Nebraska PGA Teacher of the year. Having been to the Masters, competed in Nation Wide Tour events and given over 7,500 golf lessons the past six years, James understands golf. As he shares his observations of the 2011 Masters, he provides a) tips on his own preparation for bigger events, b) his personal process for managing tension, stretching comfort zone, recovery from a mishit shot, bad hole or poor round, c) fundamental advice for amateurs when competing in leagues, tournaments even scrambles, and d) the value of taking technical and mental game lessons.