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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – African Americans – the Target of Fast Food Marketing

Please join me with Dr. Sonja Grier, associate professor of marketing, Kogod school of Business, American University. Much of Dr. Grier’s research focuses on target marketing – race in the market place with a focus on obesity prevention in the African American population. A major goal of Eat Exercise Live is to help people identify both the internal & external forces sabotaging their get fit goals. Dr. Grier’s research is an eye opener – and will help minority consumers become aware of a serious culprit in the overwhelming obesity, diabetes & hyperlipidemia crises plaguing these populations. Let’s get out of “Robomode” – analyze our lifestyle habits & eliminate what is killing us. What is also killing us is our physical inactivity epidemic – #1 lifestyle killer. We have to find the physical activity that will revvvv… into action. Olympian and former World Boxing Champion Moses “Eagle” James – aka “MJ” – will be introducing us to Kangoojumps – a fantastic form of exercise & family fun. And BTW…..check out MJ’s arms on his website………those arms will certainly give you a cardio workout! And as always…thanks to the fantastic sponsors of Eat Exercise Live – The Hair Club. Hair Club® is the leader in hair restoration, offering all proven solutions for hair loss including non-surgical and surgical options. From the non-surgical Bio-Matrix to Extreme Hair Therapy to hair transplant surgery, Hair Club® will customize a hair loss treatment program that is right for you. Hair Club is all about building confidence for its clients and providing them with the look they desire. Looking better makes you feel better Feeling better is the very best motivation to get healthy and stay healthy. Call Hair Club at 1-888-888-8986 or visit them at