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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Why you are buying food and wine the wrong way

Tommy Powers, the host of Gastrotommy, will provide you with an education on why you are buying food and wine the wrong way.
Most consumers pick up a bottle for the evening or a few for the weekend on their way home from work. This buying habit is like
living check to check. It causes you to drink the same inferior bottles and to pay too much for them. Tommy will explain how his site has enabled his Insiders to buy wines more effectively. His guest this week is his partner Dan Halfman. While
Dan is a successful entrepreneur, he is just a regular food and wine guy. He found himself staring blankly at a shelf full of bottles with
no idea which one to purchase. His decisions were guided by wines his friends liked, their cost and their packaging. He is also enjoying
the premium food products from La Quercia, Rushing Waters and Murray’s Cheese. After working with
Tommy, Dan has become a more knowledgeable buyer. He is turning his friends on to awesome wines and artisan foods that he is buying at a considerable
discount all because he is a Gastro Insider. Isn’t it time you became one too?