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Ripley Radio – An A-Bomb Falls on New Mexico & a Dog Rescued at Sea

In May 1957, airmen from Texas dropped an A-Bomb on our own US soil! It hit near Albuquerque, New Mexico leaving a huge crater and killing only a luckless grazing cow. John Hafnor, author of “Strange But True America” joins us this week to share the A-Bomb tale and other totally unbelievable stories. Also on this week’s show, Michael Hirsch of Ripley’s Believe It or Not! Times Square in New York, tells us that a very large Ripley-style dessert has been created and will be available during May at the city’s Serendipity Restaurant; Marc Hartzman amazes with a story about a legless man studying to be a gym teacher; Judika Illes begins a four part series by explaining what Paranormal really is and what it means; return intern Abby has a feel-good story about a dog rescued several miles from shore following the Japanese Tsunami; we hear of an opera singer who sang so loud that it caused Mount Vesuvius to erupt; Edward talks about his newest acquisition for the Ripley’s archives – a cement piano made by Thomas Edison; and in honor of the new movie Water for Elephants, Tim challenges the group on their knowledge of pachyderms in Ripley’s Spot the Not! quiz.