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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Just Married And Cooking

Please join me in welcoming Brooke Parkhurst of Just Married & Cooking as we welcome the release of their so much more than just a cookbook. This dynamic couple exemplifies how a healthy fit lifestyle is not a sacrifice at all – it is full of delicious natural foods, sensuality, FUN, vibrance – all done on  a strict time & financial budget.(Check out our zany, sexy January show!) Brooke shares their magic in the book…..and teases us about the next one already in the works! We share our common mantra on teaching our kids to cook & raising them with a love & respect for nutrition, cooking & physical activity. Learn how making supper can actually be a cozy highlight of our day! And check out that great photo on their home page – every lady’s fantasy! We will also be joined by Jordan Michaels of  - access medical care anywhere any time – like having a doctor in your pocket! 1-888-474-6423. And as always…so much thanks to the great sponsor of Eat Exercise Live The Hair Club. Hair Club® is the leader in hair restoration, offering all proven solutions for hair loss including non-surgical and surgical options. From the non-surgical Bio-Matrix to Extreme Hair Therapy to hair transplant surgery, Hair Club® will customize a hair loss treatment program that is right for you. Hair Club is all about building confidence for its clients and providing them with the look they desire. Looking better makes you feel better Feeling better is the very best motivation to get healthy and stay healthy. Call Hair Club at 1-888-888-8986 or visit them at