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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Champagne & Sparkling Wines

This week Tommy Powers will introduce you to the bubbling world of Champagne and Sparkling Wines. Tommy will explain how these delicious wines need to be a part of our life today. These wines can be enjoyed as a part of the beginning of a meal or throughout the dining experience. Tommy welcomes Craig Cooper, GM of America’s finest Champagne Bar, Pop’s for Champagne. Craig provides keen insight into the world of sparkling wines. Indeed our audience can watch the episode of Pop’s on the website The show will explain the differences between Champagne and Sparkling wines. Furthermore, the audience will have a more clear idea of how to enjoy these fine wines. A few of Tommy’s favorite wines are Krug, Salon, Selosse, Billecart Salmon, and Bollinger. For the Smaller houses he recommends Pierre Peters, Gaston Chiquet and Henri Billiot. For domestic sparklers look at Argyle in Oregon, Gruet in New Mexico and L. Mawby in Michigan.