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Dr. Ulwyn Pierre

Leadership. Success. And You – How to Win Hundreds of Thousands of Dollars in US Federal Government Contracts

Join host Dr. Ulwyn and guest, Gloria Berthold Larkin, President of TargetGov and a nationally-recognized expert on government contract marketing and business development. Listen as Gloria explains how entrepreneurs and business owners can begin doing business in this massive $550 billion U.S. Federal governmental market. She’s been recognized as one of Maryland’s Top 100 Regional Minority Businesses (2008), a National Awardee of Fifty Influential Entrepreneurs in Business (2007), and recipient of dozens of awards and accolades for her work with women and minorities. Her new book “The Basic Guide to Government Contracting” came out this February. Discover the advantages of being an entrepreneur who sells products/services to the government, practical steps to get started, pitfalls to avoid being disqualified from working with the government, and much more. For more information on Leadership, get Dr. Ulwyn’s special report at