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The Learning Curve

Roger Boswarva & Virginia Koenig

The Learning Curve – Part 2: Dr. Richard Gordon Speaking on Why Inner-City Schools Often Underperform Suburban Schools

This is a no-holds barred interview with Dr. Gordon giving us first-hand in-the-trenches findings of facts regarding inner city minority student performance, why it is and what needs be done to improve it. Dr Gordon holds a Ph.D. in Educational Administration from NYU, a Master’s in teaching from Harvard. He has had numerous publications and a book on the subject: The Emperor has No Clothes: The crisis in American Inner City Schools. (Available thru Amazon.Com). He has consulted for many school districts in Mass., NJ, and NY; and has been principal evaluator of millions of dollars of New York City Public School programs. He was a professor at City Univ. of NYC and Clark University in Mass. Most important, he has had some 40 years in public education, most of which was in inner city schools, including E.Orange (NJ), Dallas(Tx) and Shreveport (La). Additionally, he was an assistant principal in an inner city school for 2 years(Orange, NJ). Thus, he know of what he speaks, first-hand and theoretically.