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The Mindset Mechanic


Are you feeling overwhelmed, overworked, or over committed? Would you like to discover how to live – and sustain – a happy, healthy, and purposeful life? If so, this program is for you! Our guest is Eddie Miller, author of Living Inside Out – The Go-To Guide for the Overworked, Overwhelmed and Overcommitted. Eddie says “wherever you are in your life – in balance or in chaos, living with intention or indecisiveness – I’ll show you how to change fear into freedom…and achieve your ultimate potential.” Eddie reveals his Inside Out Philosophy for connecting with your inner wisdom to guide your own right choices, to find the answers to your most daunting questions, and to uncover your life lessons.

Your host and Mindset Mechanic, Julie Rahm and her co-host the incomparable Johnny Novice help you shake off whatever got you down last week with Tank the Wonder Dog. Then, Julie and Johnny get into the Mindset Mechanic Metaphorical Tool Kit to help you keep off what you shook off. This week listeners shook off financial worries and retirement depression. And, enjoy Operation CHAMPS (Children of Heroes, America’s Military Personnel), including details about former Army kids Shaquille O’Neal and Newt Gingrich – both featured in Julie’s book entitled Military Kids Speak. Julie and Johnny provide advice on managing habitual emotions so you can remain steady in adversity and change.