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Clean Energy Radio – The US Lags Far Behind in Development of Renewable Energy — Here’s a Possible Reason

One of our “charters” at Clean Energy Radio is untangling paradoxical issues that surround the migration to renewable energy. Here’s one: If we all know that clean energy is vitally important, if it’s important to our bodily health, our financial health as a nation and to us as consumers and to the health of our planet, then why, exactly, are we (in the US particularly) so slow in bringing it along? Host Craig Shields, editor of and author of Renewable Energy – Facts and Fantasies, was honored to have David Cobb on the show. Cobb, the 2004 Green Party presidential candidate, is now national spokesperson for Move To Amend, an organization whose purpose is to create a constitutional amendment to control the power that corporations have over “We The People.” No doubt about it, Cobb is a true progressive – and a heck of a smart one at that. But on today’s show, Shields posed a few tough questions, including: Can you provide specific examples of corporations abusing their rights and running roughshod over individual liberties in their desire to earn profits? Can you be as specific as possible about how this applies in energy, with the big oil, coal, gas, and nuclear companies? Are you telling us that corporations are bad – or even that the majority of the folks running them are bad people? They exist to make money for shareholders; I’m not sure I would call that “noble” in and of itself, but it’s certainly not “bad,” is it? If a person has the right of free speech, then why doesn’t that right belong to a group of people? What needs to happen to establish proper corporate behavior in the energy sector, and a level playing field for renewables? We hope you’ll enjoy the discussion.

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