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Eat, Exercise, Live – Physiological Barriers to fat Loss

This is the 5th show in a series here on Eat Exercise Live designed to enable you to scientifically examine what your barriers are to fat loss. “Diets” simply do not work & cause long term fat gain because they do not address the root cause/behavior that is fueling our frustrations with fat loss. These shows have been designed & grouped to help us see the internal & external factors that are sabotaging our health & fitness goals. Click on the archives button to check out any shows you have missed & download to your iPod! Today I have the spectacularly brilliant & funny Dr. Lerner of the Milestones Program, a residential program in Florida for eating disorders. Studies conclude that up to 30% of women seeking treatment for obesity are suffering from Binge Eating Disorder, and it is thought that in the United States 7 million people have some kind of eating disorder. Dr. Lerner discusses our biological “set point” vs. our “Polaroid point” in our heads, and lets understand the 7 behaviors of addiction. This will also help us make better more responsible decisions for our kids, protecting them from addictions. As always, great thanks to Hair Club, much appreciated sponsors of Eat Exercise Live. Alopecia is very treatable with Hair Club. Hair Club® is the leader in hair restoration, offering all proven solutions for hair loss including non-surgical and surgical options. Hair Club® will customize a hair loss treatment program that is right for you. Hair Club is all about building confidence for its clients and providing them with the look they desire. Looking better makes you feel better Feeling better is the very best motivation to get healthy and stay healthy. Call Hair Club at 1-888-888-8986 or visit them at