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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Cancer Recovery With Exercise

Please join me and marvel at the scientific data provided by exercise physiologist Eric Durak on the many ways exercise can help prevent cancer, support cancer recovery & ensure long term cancer survival. We all fear cancer. However a feeling of helplessness & a lack of control are contributors to fear. According to the American Cancer Association – a healthy diet & regular physical activity are our very best insurance policy against getting cancer & for cancer recovery. Eric Durak is the President of Medical Health & Fitness in Santa Barbra, and has presented at 180 national & international conferences in exercise, medicine & health promotion. Eric & I will discuss the 3 phases of exercise for cancer recovery, mind body programs, tailoring exercise programs for the type of cancer, cancer prevention, long term effects of exercise on cancer survivorship & current ongoing research projects on exercise and beating cancer. Cancer can be beaten.
I am pleased to bring back once again the Obesity Control Center, world leaders in weight loss surgery. Successful, permanent fat loss is key to every aspect of our health. Check out the archived shows – we featured Dr. Ariel Ortiz on the show with Over Eaters anonymous talking to us about the physiological challenges of fat loss. Today, we will be learning about the on line forum provided by the Obesity Control Center ( on making that decision to have bariatric surgery (weight loss surgery, lap bands.) And as always…A huge shout out to the fantastic & very appreciated sponsors of Eat Exercise Live – The Hair Club. Without our sponsors – we could not bring you all the brilliant scientific information & ideas to implement great lifestyle habits into your busy lives. Hair Club® is the leader in hair restoration, offering all proven solutions for hair loss including non-surgical and surgical options. From the non-surgical Bio-Matrix to Extreme Hair Therapy to hair transplant surgery, Hair Club® will customize a hair loss treatment program that is right for you. Hair Club is all about building confidence for its clients and providing them with the look they desire. Looking better is great motivation to get healthy and stay healthy. Hair Club wants to be a serious part of your health & happiness. Call Hair Club at 1-888-888-8986 or visit them at