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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Summer Wines

During the upcoming days filled with glorious sunshine and outdoor living, we provide a special focus on delicious summer wines. Tommy begins the discussion by promoting proper water consumption with any alcoholic beverage. Then we welcome our guest, the esteemed Robert Houde. Robert has been a very successful sommelier and now runs two excellent distributorships in the Chicagoland area. Tommy continues the conversation looking at several different wine producing regions around the world.

In a recent study on the affects of alcohol on the human body, we have seen how a person can drink two glasses of wine at a lower alcohol percentage and be legally sober, while a slightly higher percentage would have the person legally intoxicated. Therefore, we pay particular attention to wines with lower alcohol contents for this episode. The discussion also includes how dehydration is one of the primary causes of hangovers. By administering water throughout the consumption process, one can dramatically reduce the likelihood of a hangover. Furthermore, the fact that the bottles water industry is one of the greatest scams in the last 100 years is revealed. Now it is clearly time to discuss some wine!

Robert Houde is our guest this week. He has served as head Sommelier at Charlie Trotter’s brilliant namesake restaurant. After working with several of the finest distributorships in Chicago, he now operates two on his own. The first is Garnacha where he provides the glorious wines from Spain’s finest importer, Jorge Ordonez. The second is Robert Houde Wines where he represents Terry Theise’s stunning wines from Germany, Austria and France and the Marc de Grazia collection from Italy. Robert is a wealth of information but conveys his tremendous knowledge in a passionate manner that is disarming and easy to understand. Robert provides our audience with several wines most of which are under $20. They drink like they cost $45 or more. He recommends Borsao which retails for about $7 and has a wine in a box that will blow your doors off!

Tommy then takes us on a tour of several of his favorite wines from an assortment of regions from around the world. Among these is the Loire Valley in France. The region is regerred to as the Garden of France. The wines from the area are perfect for chilaxing in the summer sun. For a more complete list of these wines and descriptions about them, please go to the Blog section of our website, Thanks so much for listening.