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Liberated Living

Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – How To Live By Faith, Not By Facts (Part 3)

What is the purpose of faith? How do I activate faith in my own life? How do I know when to use faith? Why should I have faith when my life is in disarray? All of these are common questions when dealing with the subject of faith in our life. These questions are commonplace because most people do not have an understanding and working definition of faith. Faith is often understood as a statement of belief; but it is really a state of being. It is believing the miraculous and supernatural power of God within each individual to transform their life! Faith by its many positions and nature has to be the ability to focus on the unseen realm without being moved by the natural realm at all, and if you can have that level of faith, God will do great things in your life. Join Eliakim as he continues the teaching on the subject of faith from the scripture of Mark 5:25-34; where a woman shows us how to Biblically and spiritually apply faith in the midst of what appears to be an incurable disease. Tune in as Eliakim highlights “How To Live By Faith, Not By Facts (Part 3)” by illustrating to us that:

When you live by faith, God becomes your first choice- rd v25-28
When you live by faith, you no longer live by fear- rd v27-33
When you live by faith, you become a part of God’s family- rd v25, 34