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Ripley Radio – Totally Weird and Unbelievable Family Vacation Spots

Off-beat and unbelievable vacation spots is the theme this week on Ripley Radio. We explore the new Vampire Room in the Ripley’s Believe It or Not! in the Wisconsin Dells and Kevin Ricks tells us the new attraction contains the head of a real human vampire! Emil Bertalot reveals his latest creation in the Wisconsin Dells – a new nighttime adventure boat cruise known as the Lost Voyage, set to open on Memorial Day weekend. Chris Epting takes us along on a walk on the wild side at Southern California’s unique Shangri-Llama; Rick Davis tells us where to find the best Haunted Dark Rides and what to look for while we ride them; Judika Illes takes us to Upstate New York to the largest Spiritualist Community in the world; Edward recalls his visit to a village in India where the entire town gathers for sun rise and sun set ceremonies and where the local silk shop is owned by a cow; Ralf tells us that you can tell how handsome a man is by the length of his ring finger; and Tim quizzes the group on unbelievable resorts where you can stay in an underwater hotel or sleep in the “deepest” bedroom in the world.