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Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Rediscovering Nature’s Balancer in Living Clay

Presently thought of as a luxurious or exotic treatment confined to spas for maintaining youthful skin, word is spreading about how effective living clay is for a wide range of conditions. A passionate advocate for the power of living clay is Perry A~, author of Living Clay: Nature’s Own Miracle Cure, and returning guest on this week’s show.

Recorded from her home in Kyle, TX, Perry describes the balancing effect that certain clays, particularly, the Montmorillonite variety in the smectite family, has on the human body when taken both topically and orally. The high absorption and adsorption properties of clay make it a most effective and gentle detoxifier in our increasingly toxic environment.

Enjoy the conversation as Adam plumbs for new insights into the miracles of Nature that are available to us in the form of living clay. (