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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Virtual Chicago Sports Expert Explains Golf Psychology

This episode, tune in to find John Purner, virtual Chicago sports expert, joining us on Teeing it Up. His latest book 6 Weeks to Winning Week in Golf explains golf from the inside out. He breaks it all down for us here as we take a deeper look at the mental game of golf. He explains golf psychology, or the mental game of golf, and its role in every stroke you ever take.

This week we focus on golf psychology: It’s not what in the bag but whats in the mind

Purner will blow your mind discussing exactly how he become a Chicago sports expert and why golf became his life’s passion. This episode is packed with information for beginners and pros and explains golf psychology in terms anyone can understand.

Why use the words push or stroke instead of hit… why is your putter be the most important club in the bag… why remembering only the best shots makes a big difference in your game are all answered during John’s interview.

With clips like…

“It’s not the equipment it’s what in your mind”… “ You have to focus on mental attitude” and “It plays a huge role in your game…”

You won’t want to miss the secrets we’re spilling. What do Hank Aaron, Michael Jordan, and McGraw Hill publishing have in common? Here’s a hint it has something to do with golf psychology.

How much can this help your game?

You must listen to find out.