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Think Beyond Pink

Linda Bamber

Think Beyond Pink – How the Hcg Diet Could Protect Your Breast Health

The Hcg diet is close to a fad at this point – but few experts are pointing out it could be protective for your breast health. Dr. Angie Chaudoir, a naturopathic doctor who has worked with over 1000 people and helped them lose weight using homeopathic Hcg drops gives us some insight about the diet. The fatty tissues in our breasts are known to store fat soluble toxins so information on a weight loss program that may release these toxins can be life changing. An unhealthy weight after menopause, can also increase your chance of getting breast cancer. Weight gain around the waist is also associated with higher breast cancer risks. The Hcg diet, followed very specifically, has radically helped women lose abdominal brown fat. Questions and answers about the history, safety, homeopathic drops, low calorie diet, and foods to eat are all answered. Because information abounds on the Hcg diet, all of it may not be correct or safe for you. Dr. Chaudoir points out the need to work with a professional who can help you individually and make sure you have the correct supplements and best quality Hcg drops. Please join me as we learn about the Hcg diet that is reshaping our bodies and our breasts.