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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – The Unification Molecule: Collective awakening

Join Sri and Kira of Self-Ascension magazine as they teach you how to discover a secret buried within the codes of the Mayan Calendar, the Egyptian and Tibetan Books of the Dead, and beyond Einstein’s string theory: The Unification Molecule.  The clue to humanity’s future.

“It’s really about uncovering a depth of recognition that every single being on this planet–now, I mean every single being, without exception–is aware of on some level. The key is: How can we all reawaken to this gift?  And that is the premise of the Unification Molecule,” says Kira.  Or, in the words of Sri, “We are being gifted with recognitions that are beyond our vocabulary and this ‘Unification Molecule’ might just be the new vocabulary.”

The Unification Molecule is awakening in all of humanity and propelling us toward what some call the Zero Point. Yet, where is that taking us?  Movies such as Transcendent Man featuring Ray Kurzweil suggest that in order for us to survive we must let go of our humanity and literally blend with technology.  We all know that this is “The Information Age,” but does Unification include technology? Does unifying with others mean you give up your sense of self?  Sri and Kira debate these issues as well as the concept of “Knowledge versus Information.”

“So many people have been fascinated by the Mayan calendar–been fascinated by the idea that we’re in a new flow–that the Age we’re in is coming to an End…and what does that mean?…We see so much transition and chaos and stimulation that one seeks to unify it in some way. One seeks to understand it in some way–to derive meaning rather than just feel the unsettling chaos of today’s Energies,” says Sri.

But does does all this mean for you personally?  How do you Awaken the Unification Molecule?  What is the Essential You?  What is the Unity Seed?

Join Sri and Kira as they share ancient Mayan Secrets at the request of the High Council for the first time!  Discover the Unification Molecule and open yourself to an even wilder ride for humanity than you may have thought possible.

“The Ancient Ones are calling and the Ancient voices are being heard–it is our Unifying moment.”  This is the moment.  The collective awakening is here!