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30 Minute Mom – Is Your Child Gifted? Part I

What does it really mean for a child to be gifted? Can you measure it on an IQ test? Is giftedness defined by a group of qualities that can be observed such an extensive vocabulary, strong curiosity, and great thinking skills? Does your child seem brilliant at times, but the teacher says he’s lazy at school? Could a child like that be gifted, but bored? If you’ve ever wondered if your child might be gifted, don’t miss this week’s (and next week’s!) show on gifted children with one of the world’s leading experts on giftedness, Dr. Linda Silverman. Dr. Silverman is a psychologist who directs The Gifted Development Center in Denver, Colorado where over 6,000 children have been assessed since 1979. Dr. Silverman will tell you how to recognize if your own child is gifted, what special issues gifted children face, and what you as a parent MUST do to help your gifted child succeed in school and life.