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A Fresh Start

Sallie Felton

A Fresh Start – Unlocking Your Power of Positivity, Using Your 24 Character Strengths in Your Daily Life

My guest today is full of passion and “positivity” and knows first hand what it takes to live your life using your character strengths! Judy Krings, Ph.D, ACC, is a clinical psychologist and positive psychology personal and professional coach. She has served as a consultant for a myriad of agencies, businesses, educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and the military. Judy created a nationally syndicated radio talk show, two local radio shows, and a TV show. She has made media presentations nationally and internationally as a disaster relief volunteer. She has also authored numerous professional articles for organizations and newspapers including a teenage advice column. Most recently, she was asked to author articles for India’s first positive psychology magazine, “PSYINSIGHTS” and The Coach Exchange’s “INSIGHT” magazine. She has delivered 100’s of speeches and developed seminars on relationships and leadership to assist people to maximize their potential and realize their best self dreams. Judy’s trademark energy, humor, and passion reflect her mission to help others evolve their happiness and well-being. Her book: Photo Adventures in Cuba, Unlock Your Power of Positivity was released in Spring 2011.