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Brain-Body Breakthroughs

Brain-Body Breakthroughs – What your doctor doesn’t know about your heart may kill you! An interview with Dr. Steven Helschien

Most of us have known someone who suddenly, and quite literally, “dropped dead.” This is usually from a heart problem. And often it could have been prevented if it had been recognized. Tune in today to see how to avoid what happened to popular political journalist Tim Russert, the congenial anchor of “Meet the Press.” He had just passed a cardiac stress test 6 weeks before he died of a massive heart attack. The average age for experiencing sudden cardiac death in men is between 58 and 62. In about 30% of such cases, sudden death is the first sign that something is wrong.

The signing of the National Cancer Act in 1971 by President Richard Nixon is generally viewed as the beginning of the war on cancer. One of the subsequent discoveries was that early diagnosis is a cornerstone in curing cancer. This prompted an array of early screening programs for Cancer. Such has not been the case for heart disease. That is until now. Tune in to hear Dr. Steven Helschien talk about Cardiocrusaders and the early warning tests now available that can detect cardiovascular disease and the risk for sudden cardiac death long before you befall the fate that Mr. Russert sadly experienced.

We have all seen the popular pink ribbons that signify the Susan G. Komen Foundation promoting “the Cure” for breast cancer. However, did you know that more than 6 times as many women die from heart disease each year as die from breast cancer. Now the number of women dying of heart disease is about the same as the number of men. This is an epidemic and to make progress early diagnosis is critical. Listen and find out what you need to know to protect your family. Discover what your doctor probably has never discussed with you, and may not be aware of.