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Tom Powers

gastrotommy – Ten Great Ideas for Summer Food and Drink

10. Work with a local butcher to purchase larger cuts of meat for your grill. This provides a great opportunity to buy on a more economic scale and use all of the critter for things like stocks.

For example, grill the whole chicken, roast the bones and make stock. Here is a very easy recipe:

These stocks can be frozen and used later. I firmly believe that buying stock is a waste of money. If however, you must look at Wolfgang Puck’s line. Among these whole cuts could be legs of lamb, bone in filets, or even a

9. Stop drinking bottled water. There are reports that suggest that the FDA does not regulate bottled water with anywhere near the focus that our tap water is monitored. Indeed, much of the regulation is left to the companies themselves. There is a mounting suspicion that there are elements that affect or reproductive organs. I highly recommend a simple filter for our water supply. Furthermore, less than 10% of the plastic bottles are actually recycled. Our carbon footprint from this industry is unacceptable.

8. Punch used to be a delicious homemade beverage that we enjoyed. I would love to see people again becoming more creative making their own punch and chilling it with a large block of ice. Consider making the ice yourself and filling in with edible flowers and whole berries.

7. The grill is not simple for meat. We all need to eat more fruit and vegetables. We can grill veggies that are lightly tossed with olive oil, chill them and enjoy them throughout the week. Grilling fruit, like peaches, that are marinated in a bit of balsamic vinegar and serving over vanilla ice cream is delicious.

6. The American Beer culture is raging with wildly talented people around the country. I highly recommend that we all investigate the quality and diversity of this craft beer world. There are so many beautiful styles of beer for us to enjoy. Whatsmore, it will help the local artisan producers!

5. One of my favorite desserts is also the easiest. Years ago I dined at Thomas Keller’s Bouchon in Napa Valley. For dessert they served a bowl of perfect cherries on ice chips. The season is relatively short, so enjoy these delicious orbs while they last.

4. With a plethora of berries and fruits coming into season now, it is a great opportunity to freeze them or even better, to preserve them. If you are freezing berries, consider freezing them individually on a cookie sheet first and then place them in freezer bags. This will prevent them from sticking together.

3. Make grilled fish tacos with perfect guacamole. For the tacos, squeeze lime juice on the fish (orange roughy, halibut, shark, for example) with a bit of oil. Grill the fish to desired temperature, gentle dice, place on corn or flour tortilla that has been warmed. Add garnish of cilantro, pineapple or other salsa and generous amount of Gastro Guac.

2. Drink Biodynamic wines. There is a great list of these at These wines are made by many of the finest producers in the world. By embracing the natural rhythms of our biosphere, the winemakers are creating wines that are more resistant to the negative affects of oxygen, are healthier because the are not inundated with chemicals and taste delicious. Among my favorite producers is the genius Ales Kristancic from Movia. All of his wines are beautifully made and provide extraordinary value.

1. Make homemade ice cream this summer. While there are very fancy and expensive machines, I have had tremendous success with the White Mountain 6 qt Ice Cream maker. You certainly could hand crank this, but I recommend the motor attachment.