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Get Buttoned Up

Get Buttoned Up – Organize Your Very Own Staycation Sensation!

What are you doing to maximize your vacation time this summer? With gas prices hovering around $4 (or higher in some necks of the woods) and an economy that’s still not on firm footing means that, for many, taking an elaborate, far-flung vacation just isn’t feasible this summer. But rather than wallow in despair, know that with a little planning, you can have an awesome vacation right in your own home town. The kicker, you can do it without spending much money either!

Today, Sarah & Alicia are talking about how to organize a staycation on a dime. One that’s actually memorable and packed full of fun!

Listen in as the Get Buttoned Up co-hosts sit down with not one, not two, but three guests who have some fantastic ideas on what you can do on the cheap to make your vacation amazing. Their first guest is Valerie Deneen, the creator of the Frugal Family Fun Blog, who shares ideas that will get your imagination turning. Next up is Eric V. Orange, the founder of the worldwide food & wine event website: He’s got some great ideas on how to find free food and wine events going on in your town. And finally, they’ll speak with Jen O’Neal, the founder and CEO of, an online service that connects you with foreign travelers in your area.

Sarah and Alicia will cover the key factors of planning a successful staycation. They’ll also help you strengthen your own planning muscle in this week’s “Challenge.”

If you’re not going anywhere this summer, this is one show you won’t want to miss. And even if you’ve got a big vacation planned, you will still benefit from the excellent ideas covered here. You won’t be bored this summer if you put one or two tips into practice.