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Growing Great Families

Growing Great Families – Bullying – The Whole Story (Part 1)

Are you confused by all of the stories in the news about bullying? The bullying story doesn’t go away. It seems that each day there is another report in the news about a bullying incident. The most tragic concern children who have committed suicide allegedly as a response to being bullied. Legislators across the country have introduced laws designed to require schools to adopt strict anti-bullying policies and procedures. Is bullying really as bad as the media suggests? Is there more bullying going on today than in the past? How come some children can survive bullies but others fall apart? What can you do as a parent if you are convinced your child is a victim? What does a parent do if they believe their child is becoming a bully? Many of these questions remain unanswered because of changes in the way children are bullied and to a change in attitude about how we should deal with bullies. It is clear that there has been a sharp increase in what might be labeled as “non-violent” bullying. The old adage, “sticks and stones may break my bones but names do not harm me” seems less valid in our text messaging, social media world. Spreading rumors or divulging secrets told to so-called friends via Facebook, etc., is a lot easier than getting in someone’s face or passing a note in a classroom.

Our guest, renowned bullying expert, Izzy Kalman, founder of Bullies2Buddies, will help explain the increase in bullying that will surprise you. Izzy’s anti-bullying programs do not rely on punishing a bully – unless they actually engage in assault – but on teaching kids how to respond to a bully. Basically, Izzy will illustrate verbal techniques that disarm the bully and empower the intended victim.

Listen to this thoughtful and provocative discussion on understanding the issues surrounding bullying and what might be a radically different approach to the problem.