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Liberated Living

Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – Hearing The Voice Of God

Have you ever asked God a question, only to never receive an answer? Do you struggle with knowing and discerning the voice of God? With so many distractions in life, it is often difficult for people to accurately and intuitively hear the voice of God. If you are having difficulty hearing from God, it is likely there is a lack of relationship with God. Hearing the voice of God is necessary if people are to receive a revelation of their destiny and purpose. It is through hearing the voice of God that we receive: revelation, instruction, and direction. Hearing the voice of God makes us receptive and attentive to direction that propel people to their destiny. The voice of God is difficult to hear if there are other things in life that consume one’s attention. “Through God’s spirit, we have constant communion and communication with God……We are receiving instructions from the command center of the universe, the throne of God.” Silencing the mind must be a priority if one is to live above a mental and material power! Join Eliakim as he teaches on how to begin to hear the voice of God. Tune in and listen to learn how to silence the mind to become receptive to the still small voice and whisper of God!