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Psychic Therapist

Evie Kane

Psychic Therapist – Use Your Energy Mind To BE More Empowered

We will be talking about working with your energy mind so you will feel more empowered more of the time. I’ll be sharing some practical and valuable tools and resources to do that , WHY ? Well energy is everything–tapping into our energy mind and learning how to work with it can create seeming miracles in your life, and help manifest your heart’s desires more quickly. Please join us for a fun, informative show!

Want to be a live caller on the show? There is a live taping of the Psychic Therapist show the First and Third Friday of every month at 1p.m. PST. You can call toll-free throughout the show at 888-815-9756 and talk directly to the host, Evie Kane. Or send your email questions to evie@psychictherapist.net. The next Live Taping is June 3–we would love to hear from you!