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Smart Solutions for Busy People

Smart Solutions for Busy People – EASY OUTDOOR ENTERTAINING IDEAS

Warmer weather means spending more time outside, and there are many options for entertaining family and friends at home. Whether it’s a casual barbecue or a more formal cocktail reception, some basic principles apply. In this episode, join Pottery Barn design consultant Eden Johnson for dozens of creative ideas for your outdoor parties, as she reveals why you don’t have to be a great chef to be a great entertainer! Eden will show us how to: throw a party with personality; bring color and life to your buffet table; and make your food so appetizing, your guests will keep coming back for more! Plus, get her secret to making store-bought food items taste like gourmet treats. You’ll also get creative ideas to customize water bottles, and some fun alternatives to that outdoor entertaining conundrum: paper or plastic? There’s also an illuminating personal tip from your host, Deanne Marie, as well as important outdoor food safety tips. How long can food stay out during your party? What’s the best way to make sure grilled food stays safe? Learn all this and more!