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The Mindset Mechanic

The Mindset Mechanic – WHEN A LOVED ONE FALLS ILL

Are you facing a serious illness or helping a loved one do so? Or do you know someone facing a serious illness? If your answer is yes, then this is the program for you. Our guests are Gerri and Brian Monaghan, authors of the book When a Loved One Falls Ill: How to Be an Effective Patient Advocate. Thirteen years ago, Brian was given a death sentence – a cancer diagnosis with three to six months to live. Gerri and Brian share their experience and offer a road map for navigating the medical system. They reveal a mindset for handling such dire health news, and for creating a battle plan to move forward and win the Cancer war. Gerri elaborates on her comprehensive strategy with tips for loved ones who become advocates. Her tips include how to trust your instincts; how to do your own research, ask the right questions, and persevere; and how to start your own “to the war” battle plan.

In honor of Memorial Day, your co-hosts Mindset Mechanic Julie Rahm and Johnny Novice discuss the meaning of the holiday and its importance to our nation. They remember the unsung heroes, American kids in military families, and how they serve along with their military parent(s). Julie shares a poem entitled “The Loss of Innocent People” written by Greta Kinsey, who was in sixth grade when she wrote the poem. Daughter of a Navy man, Greta wrote the poem as a gift for her friend when the unthinkable happened and her friend’s father was killed in Iraq. The poem reveals yet again the emotional maturity and resiliency of kids in military families.

And, shake off what got you down last week with Tank the Wonder Dog and your co-hosts. This week’s “Shake it Off” segment gets spicy as Julie and Johnny help listeners with issues of adultery and pornography.