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Word Patriots

Mark Seinfelt

Word Patriots – Lyrical Theatre: An Interview with Composer Bruce Trinkley and Librettist Jason Charnesky

Bruce Trinkley is the composer of incidental music, songs and choruses for over twenty theatre and dance productions. He has also written extensively for choral ensembles. A poet and instructor of English, Jason Charnesky has written the lyrics and librettos for many works by Trinkley, including a trilogy of one-act comic operas: EVE’S ODDS, GOLDEN APPLE, and CLEO. A full-length opera, YORK: THE VOICE OF FREEDOM was filmed by PBS station WPSX. SANTA ROSALIA, a cantata based on a painting by Fernando Botero, was performed in Bogotá, Colombia in 2007. Join us for a show full of lively debate and personal reminiscence as Bruce and Jason discuss their concept of lyrical theatre, following in the tradition of other works that are through-composed, like opera, so that every word is sung, and so that there is a dramatic thrust and pacing to the entire piece; the roles of artist and audience; collaborative artistic endeavor; and, first and foremost, how words and music, composer and librettist, work together. The opening music of today’s show is “The Siciliano” from SANTA ROSALIA, A Chamber Cantata for Vocal Quartet, Woodwind Quintet, and Harpsichord Based on the Painting by Fernando Botero; Music: Bruce Trinkley; Words: Jason Charnesky. It features Eleanor Duncan Armstrong, flute; Tim Hurtz, oboe; Smith Toulson; clarinet; Lisa Bontrager, horn; Daryl Durran, bassoon; and June Miller, harpsichord. The “lyrical theatre pieces” that conclude the broadcast are “The Resume Aria” from CLEO; Music: Bruce Trinkley; Words: Jason Charnesky; Elisa Matthews, soprano, and “Lost In Translation” from CONFESS/CONFUSE; Music: Bruce Trinkley; Words: Jason Charnesky; Margaret Benczak, soprano; Elisa Matthews, soprano; Raymond Sage, tenor. If you would like to know more about Mark Seinfelt’s work be sure to visit his website: To see and hear other work by Bruce Trinkley and Jason Charnesky go to and also to their second website