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The Mindset Mechanic

The Mindset Mechanic – THE END OF INSOMNIA

Forget counting sheep! Are you one of the 60 million Americans who would like to finally get a good night’s sleep? Instead of popping a side-effect laden sleeping pill, singing a lullaby or counting sheep, our guest Dr. Jerry Teplitz, author of Managing Stress in Difficult Times, offers safe, all-natural tools guaranteed to help you achieve a good night’s sleep. Get ready to stack some zzzs (after the show ends) as Dr. Teplitz explains:

• How to talk yourself to sleep even if you are not a boring person.

• The simple exercise new parents can do to get back to sleep after baby’s nighttime feedings.

• What your sleep bank account is and ways travel depletes it.

• What to do if worries wake you up prematurely and you can’t get back to sleep.

But first, shake off summertime issues of children and divorce with Tank the Wonder Dog and your host and Mindset Mechanic, Julie Rahm. Julie gets into the metaphorical tools you need to keep off what you shake off. Then, in Operation CHAMPS (Children of Heroes, America’s Military Personnel) Julie and Johnny reveal how to help children, teens and tweens thrive despite frequent moves around the world.