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2012 Higher Love

Sri and Kira

2012 Higher Love – New Egypt: New Revelations for 2012!

Join Sri and Kira as they take a hard look at your most pressing questions and offer provocative answers, including why 2011 is the year that all who feel connected to Egypt are being called to participate in the revelations at hand!  Sri and Kira will reveal dates and practices that will assist with the reunification energy and teach you how to harness this powerful moment through the further awakening of your Unification Molecule.  The Ancient Egyptians had much to share for this moment, and it’s time we all pay attention!

Are there really secret rooms buried beneath Sphinx? Are there important secrets to humanity’s future still buried at the Giza plateau and elsewhere in Egypt? Were Edgar Cayce’s predictions that ancient Atlantean technologies would be found under the Sphinx still viable? Will the Golden Disks of ancient records ever be found? These questions and others have been the foundation of numerous studies, expeditions and speculation for years! What if ALL of these questions have already been answered and the reasons for not revealing the answers were more startling than the answers themselves?  Hosts Sri Ram Kaa and Kira Raa investigate!

Those of you who are longtime fans of 2012 Higher Love will remember the numerous mentions of people feeling an affinity with ancient Egypt.  Why now more than ever?  Sri and Kira talk about their own experiences with the energies from Egypt and reveal why others may be feeling drawn there in these troubled times.

And what of the Sphinx? Dozens of academic studies have proven the existence of many rooms under the Sphinx, yet the “powers that be” publicly announce that there is nothing there, while quietly tell researchers that they “do no want to disturb” the Sphinx to explore them. Why the double talk? In the energy of a New Egypt, what will be revealed and what will be hidden? Will the new government allow these secrets to come forward?  Tune in to find out!