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Ambitious Entrepreneur

Ambitious Entrepreneur – Reinventing Yourself at Midlife

Annemarie Cross interviews Beverly Mahone of BAMedia!  For anyone going through a “midlife crisis”–for anyone looking to leave their mundane job and pursue the career of their dreams–this episode of Ambitious Entrepreneur is for you!

“One of the major job boards here in Australia conducted a survey to find out how many people were really feeling happy and fulfilled in their jobs.  The results were quite staggering with over 70% of people saying they weren’t happy in their career!  Yet surprisingly, when asked, many of them didn’t have any plans on making a shift,” says Annemarie.  Such is not the case for Beverly Mahone!

After nearly 30 years in Corporate America as a radio and television journalist, Beverly decided to walk away from her career to pursue her passion – which was writing full time. Following the successful publication and launch of her first novel, she then asked herself the question “What next?”

“When you find that passion, you just start working it.  And you turn it up a thousand notches!  And don’t just think that it’s going to happen overnight ’cause that’s not going to happen,” says Beverly Mahone of her entrepreneurial journey.

Drawing on her expertise as a journalist, her next entrepreneurial pursuit was to help other business owners to secure media opportunities and it wasn’t long before the doors to BAMedia,  Beverly’s media consulting business were open for business.

Beverly’s story is an inspiring one. As is the advice she provides for other mid-lifers who want to follow their passion, yet have not had the courage to do so.

And, if you’re an ambitious entrepreneur who has been trying to attract the attention of the media – yet haven’t been able to yet – be sure to listen closely for all the tips and strategies Beverly reveals to help you stand out and get noticed!