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Clean Energy Radio – Can Synthetic Fuels Change the World Energy Picture?

Most of us anxiously look forward to the day when dirty fuels like oil and coal are replaced by clean, renewable energy. But how real is this, considering that we have approximately one BILLION cars and trucks on the world’s roads, almost all of which run on gas and diesel? And what about the fact that almost half of the electricity we generate in the United States comes from coal? Any way you look at it, there is a huge amount of inertia to overcome as we make the migration to clean energy.

And which fuel sources have the potential to “move the needle” of the world’s fuel supply? Is it realistic to expect that certain of our technologies, like solar, geothermal, and the others, will scale to the point that they’re making a meaningful contribution? In this week’s show, Clean Energy Radio host Craig Shields, editor of and author of Renewable Energy – Facts and Fantasies, interviews Windfuels’ CEO Dr. David Doty, who believes that the answer lies in synthetic fuels.

Doty provides specific feedback on the strengths and weaknesses of the main contender technologies, and then introduces his breakthrough: “windfuels” a unique method for synthesizing hydrocarbons.