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Eat, Exercise, Live

Eat, Exercise, Live – Active Against Cancer

The third in our series about the wonderful effects of exercise through cancer recovery. Please join us with the author of Active Against Cancer: A Guide to Improving Your Cancer Recovery with Exercise – Nancy Brennan shares her own battle with ovarian cancer and her motivation to write such a brilliant guide to self care through cancer treatment. Active Against Cancer shares the stories of 9 other cancer survivors and their common bond of how exercise physically, emotionally & mentally provided them the inner strength to endure & conquer their battles. Nancy & her book provide the guidance of the American College of Sports Medicine & her love, humor & tenacity are inspiring. Nancy & I share current research in cancer prevention & cancer treatment – as always proving that exercise is truly that magical fountain of youth, health, vigour, sense of control & joie de vivre. Learn how to choose the RIGHT activity, sport & intensity level & appreciate mind body techniques to enhance healing. Make sure you stay tuned for “Game Plan” – at the end of the show where I will be discussing more steps to take charge of our health care & scientific facts on how we can implement strategies into our lives making us more resilient against our two biggest killers – heart disease and cancer. Prevention & early detection are the very best treatments for chronic illness.

Obesity & physical inactivity are serious contributors to our soaring cancer numbers. We will be hearing words of advice from our sponsor The Obesity Control Center. The World Cancer Research Fund states the rising numbers of obesity are causing a “cancer time bomb”. The children of today could be twice as likely as their parents to develop cancer due to the growing obesity crisis. Obesity is a life or death reality for millions of people. For many obese individuals, weight loss surgery is the only effective option. I encourage you to contact Obesity Control Center. Give yourself the opportunity and tools to lose that excess weight and live a fulfilling life. Please call 1-866-DrOrtiz (376-7849). All customer service representatives are patients themselves and are ready to answer any questions about weight loss surgery options. And please join us next week on Eat Exercise Live as Dr. Ortiz himself – world’s #1 weight loss surgeon – will be our guest – answering all your questions & apprehensions over having weight loss surgery & helping understand the scientific data on how weight loss surgery literally gives thousands of people their lives back.

As always ….a huge shout out of appreciation to our sponsors the Hair Club. Our sponsors are the reason we can bring you all the brilliant scientific information & ideas to implement great lifestyle habits into our busy lives. Hair Club® is the leader in hair restoration, offering all proven solutions for hair loss including non-surgical and surgical options. Hair Club offers beautiful hair restoration solutions for thousands of happy customers – including those who lost their hair due to illness, medical treatments & Trichotillomania. And a special thanks to Hair Club for Kids -A charitable program for kids with hair loss. Hair Club for Kids is a non-profit program funded entirely by Hair Club. It is available, at no charge, to children ages 6-17 years old. With over 95 hair loss centers in the US, Canada, and Puerto Rico, this free service is accessible to every child in need. Call Hair Club at 1-888-888-8986.