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Liberated Living

Eliakim Thorpe

Liberated Living – What’s Separating You From The Savior?

This is a question that is rarely ever considered by Christians? We often take for granted the presence of God within us to direct, guide, and lead us during our most difficult periods of life. Life is sometimes a protagonist and at other times an antagonist! Yet, when the details of life are out of order and chaotic; we forget to call upon (summon) the indwelling power of God. Separation is caused because humanity is consumed by the ills, discords, false appearances, sickness, wants, carnal desires, and deceptive thoughts of the enemy. A connection to God provides comfort, peace, provision, safety, security, shelter, protection, strength, endurance, perseverance, patience, and the ability to withstand the trials of life. Tune in as Eliakim challenges us on “What’s Separating You From The Savior?” and causing you to put a greater priority on your pain rather than on your purpose. This teaching will propel you to your greatest God potential from within and move you to release that potential through one’s connection with the Christ. Only through one’s connection with Christ can one receive a revelation of their calling in God.

What’s Separating You From The Savior?