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Talk for Food

Adam Abraham

Talk for Food – Two Great Minds Envisioning One Great World

This week’s show features two guests with divergent paths, who share a common vision for a healthier Earth and its entire population.

The conversation with Arttemis Keszain, co-founder and director of the New Earth Center, of Austin Texas, continues, with an explanation of the technology behind systems that ionize water.

While they initially sound very logical when we learn of the importance of pH as one indicator of the health of our environment, it turns out that the unnatural method by which higher pH is attained, may have adverse effects on the water’s energy.

This falls in line with Adam’s opening comments about how subtle forces influence the material world in ways that are generally unacknowledged, but are quite significant. (

Adam’s second guest is Great Eagle, Chief of the Onawa Chickamauga Wadley tribe, a kindred spirit based in Branson, MO. Listen as the conversation unfolds and Great Eagle’s vision of the Red Path is revealed to bestow Life’s highest blessings, not on one group of people, but on all of humanity.