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Teeing It Up

Teeing It Up – Playing Golf Course in Scotland Gives More distance Lowers score

Play away please, is a great philosophy but on a golf course in Scotland this mentality will improve your golf game. More distance, lowers score and a personal Scottish caddy are what a golf course in Scotland has to offer. The author of Play Away Please, John Hagan, will tell you exactly how to get the most out of you trip to Scotland. Listen to this episode enough and it may even save you the trip.

September 10, 2001, Links Trust joins an ancient culture of golfing in Scotland. At St. Andrews the Old Course has taught many golfers but on this day John Hagan became part of the team. Revolutionizing golf by bringing back the older styles. At the starter box you’ll hear your tie time and don’t forget to tip your starter generously.

Gathering your clubs on a wheeled cart, no buggies, and hiring a caddy are all part of the experience on a golf course in Scotland.

Hagan lets the listener know not to worry about body language but to keep your mouth shut during a game of football. Always hire a Scottish caddy because they are just as colorful as you might think and, “They make your time on the golf course a lot more pleasurable.”

Here in Scotland the courses are much more natural, so they shift and change. Fort Rush comes recommended but Hagan would play, “Old Course in St. Andrews every day because every shot is always different because of the weather…”

Part of the experience is merging “play away please” with all the great help with blind spots, bump and runs. This will make your golf scores lower and help gain a better understanding of your game, giving you the skills to go more distance.