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Mark Seinfelt

Word Patriots – Dimitri Anastasopoulos and his ongoing “langoo-adj” project

This week’s guest Dimitri Anastasopoulos is the author of the 2001 novel “A Larger Sense of Harvey” published by Mammoth Books, which concerns a team of linguistic scholars, their friendships and hatreds, and the tensions which sabotaged their “langoo-adj” research project, a groundbreaking attempt to break down Indo European language barriers. He is currently at work on two novels-in-progress, the science fiction extravaganza “Farm for Mutes” and “New Crimes of the Terrorist,” a historical novel set in the Balkans in both the post World War Two period and in the tumultuous, bloody 1990s. Born in Greece and a United States immigrant, Dimitri is an assistant professor in the department of English at the University of Buffalo. His interests include fiction writing, avant-garde fiction, and postmodern and contemporary American fiction. His stories have appeared in Notre Dame Review, Black Warrior Review, and elsewhere. I consider Dimitri to be one of the most talented phrasemakers among my contemporaries and English is not his first language. His prose is polyphonic and rollicking and always a little off kilter and out of control. In this week’s interview, Dimitri and I cover a wide variety of topics. In addition to exploring his work, we discuss the author’s inability to accomplish his intentions in fiction, how writers like Dimitri move in between languages and in between cultures, and the responsibility of the author in depicting atrocity in his work. If you would like to know more about Mark Seinfelt’s books be sure to visit his website: To learn more about Dimitri go to his University of Buffalo faculty page and visit the Amazon page for “A Larger Sense of Harvey”: