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Bounce Back

Bounce Back – Who is in Control – You or Your Emotions?

Dr. Ed Daube author of “Emotions as Tools” shines the light on the power that we could have – or do have – over our emotions. When we understand the source of our emotions and their roles in our lives as signals, we can then begin to make our relationship communication decisions at choice. With awareness. And what a difference that makes! Dr. Daube shares his important insights on reacting and responding to these signals to make a healthy relationship stronger and to improve a relationship on the brink.

Dr. Daube reveals key dimensions of four primary emotions that play a role in our lives including: fear, anxiety, guilt, and shame. Do you know the difference between fear and anxiety? Do you know the difference and the appropriate response to fear and anxiety? How do you react when faced with fear or anxiety? Can you see how the distinction between reacting and responding could change the outcome of a relationship conversation?

Can you see the impact on your relationship based on the way that you respond to a question or comment? Each emotion, if we interpret it correctly; can convey valuable information or we can miss the point entirely – at our peril. Dr. Daube also discusses the daily transitions that we make between work and home and what we need to do to make these transitions smooth ones. Our relationship suffers when we don’t, yet happily, the answer is truly quick and simple.

How then can you become more aware – to take the time to process the signals and prepare an appropriate response? A little bit of effort can make a big difference, not only in your marriage or romantic relationship but also in all of your other relationships as well.

And at the end of the interview, Donna Marie shares her weekly Just Say No to the Status Quo TM tip featuring insights into using our emotions as part of the solution to relationship issues and problems.